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General Terms and Conditions

General Terms and Conditions (including our Privacy Statement in Section 8) > Download PDF (180 KB)

Website Terms of Use > 
Download PDF (157 KB)

Banking Terms and Conditions

Debit MasterCard® Terms and Conditions (Effective 1 July 2016) > Download PDF (191KB)

Eftpos Card Terms and Conditions (Effective 23 November 2015) > Download PDF (685KB)

Electronic Banking Terms and Conditions > Download PDF (211 KB)

Telephone Banking Terms and Conditions > Download PDF (151 KB)

Cheque Terms and Conditions (Effective from 1 July 2014) > Download PDF (155KB)

Lending Terms and Conditions

Flexi Loan ScheduleDownload PDF (169KB)

Memorandum of Mortgage > Download PDF (542KB) 

Term Loan Schedule > Download PDF (157KB)

Loan Terms and Conditions > Download PDF (457KB)

Your First Home Offer Terms and Conditions (Effective 10 October 2016) > Download PDF (192KB)

Standard contract terms SBS Advance Term Loan > Download PDF (200KB) 

Other Banking Terms and Conditions

Term Investment Terms & Conditions (Effective 1 December 2016) Download PDF (104KB)

Mobile number update win $1,000 Prezzy Card Terms and Conditions > Download PDF (109KB)

Kiwidream Terms and Conditions > Download PDF (229KB)


Announcement of Changes to Account Charges and Term Investment documentation > Download PDF (279KB)

Announcement of Changes to Debit Mastercard® Account Charges and Terms & Conditions > Download PDF (97KB)

Verification Requirements

Identification and Address Verification Requirements (individual) > Download PDF (416 KB)

Identification and Address Verification Requirements (entities) > Download PDF (437 KB)

A copy of the current Southland Building Society (SBS Bank) Disclosure Statement along with our Term Investment Terms & Conditions and QFE Adviser Disclosure Statement are available on request and free of charge from any branch or agency of SBS Bank or on this website
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