Conditions of Use

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This document sets out the Conditions of Use  that apply to your SBS Pink Ribbon Visa which is issued by SBS Money Limited. SBS Money Limited is owned by Finance Now, which is a subsidiary of SBS Bank. This document explains things like what and when you'll need to pay us and how your card should be used. Some of these Conditions of Use require you to do (or not do) certain actions. By activating your card you agree to these Conditions of Use so it's important that you read this document all the way through first. If you choose to use SBS Bank Internet Banking you also agree to comply with SBS Bank's Electronic Banking Terms and Conditions, which you will need to read and accept the first time you log in.

About Your Card - SBS Pink Ribbon Visa

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Fees and Charges

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The SBS Pink Ribbon Visa Fees and Charges document provides details of the fees and charges we can charge you like the establishment fee ($55), the annual card fee ($55), additional cardholder fee ($0), the Purchase Interest Rate and Cash Advance Rate. The Welcome Letter also contains a printed copy of this document.

Other Documents

Direct Debit Form

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Just set it and forget it. Download and print our direct debit form to set up automated deductions from your bank account to pay your SBS Pink Ribbon Visa Account.

Once you've filled it out, post it to:

SBS Visa Card Team

PO BOX 1204



or email it to

Dispute Form

Download PDF (128KB)

Complete and return this form if you identify an issue with the transactions in your statement or unauthorised transactions have been made on your account.

Hardship Form

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Complete and return this form if you are experiencing problems paying your account. More information on Hardship applications can be found here.

SBS Visa Interchange 

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Additional Cardholder Application Form

Complete and return this form if you want to add an Additional Cardholder to your Card Account.
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