Term investments that build a future.

Our term investments give you two outstanding returns. First, a highly competitive interest rate. And second, helping first home buyers follow in your footsteps.


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Our special term investment rates.

Term Investment
per annum
6 months fixed
Term Investment
per annum
9 months fixed
Term Investment
per annum
1 year fixed

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Term investments: Minimum investment $1,000, maximum investment $5,000,000.
Term Investments rates are for Redeemable Share Investments. All rates are subject to change.

How do our term investments work?

SBS Bank term investments give you strong returns, just like
a term deposit.
Because we’re a building society, your money
helps Kiwis buy their own home. So it’s working hard for you,
and to help people across New Zealand build a better future.


Managing Term Investments

  • You deposit your funds with us for a fixed term with an
    agreed interest rate.
  • We calculate your interest daily
  • You can receive your interest at the end of the term, as
    monthly or quarterly payments, or reinvest it quarterly to
    compound your growth.
  • There are no establishment fees or account fees.
  • You can manage your investment online or on your mobile.
  • We deduct any tax automatically from your interest.
  • You can apply to withdraw some or all of your money at
    any time, but we will charge a break fee on those funds.

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Our term investment application starts with this simple calculator. You can choose which options work best for you, then simply click the "Open Online" button to start your application.

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  • We would love to help you invest your money. We usually have a $5m maximum for our term investments, but please get in touch by completing this form and we will give you a call to see how we can help.
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Maturity instruction  Reinvest to same term Reinvest to same term Payout Payout Reinvest principal only to same term Reinvest to same term Reinvest to same term Payout Payout

Configured for wealth accumulation wealth accumulation wealth accumulation wealth accumulation periodic income passive income passive income passive income passive income

Returns are reinvested to grow your investment Returns are reinvested to grow your investment Returns are reinvested to grow your investment Returns are reinvested to grow your investment Maintain your initial investment, while receiving income paid to you at the end of each term Income paid to you every month Income paid to you every quarter Income paid to you every month Income paid to you every month

This calculator is a useful tool to provide you with information about our Term Investments, based on the accuracy of the information entered. Any assumptions used are subject to limitations. The calculations do not take into account changes in your personal circumstances or your tax obligations, or any future changes such as changes to taxation or interest rates, and do not constitute a financial adviser service under the Financial Markets Conduct Act 2013, and are not intended to be relied on for making a decision in relation to a financial product. We recommend that you consider obtaining advice from a financial adviser before making any financial decisions. Please contact SBS Bank on 0800 727 2265 for more information.

What you need to open a term investment.

We can open a term investment for you online in minutes.
New to SBS Bank? Here’s what you’ll need.


   Term Investment FAQs

  • $1,000 or more. (If you need to invest more than
    $5,000,000, let’s talk.)
  • You need to be 18 years or older to open the term
    investment yourself.
  • You also need an SBS account. If you don’t already have
    ​one, we’ll open a fee-free account for you. You’ll need:
    • To be a New Zealand citizen or permanent resident.
    • Your New Zealand driver licence, or a New Zealand or
      Australian passport.
    • Your IRD number.
    • A utility bill showing your home address.

Investing for more than three years?

If you have a longer-term approach to your money, you have
more options.
Our Wealth team specialises in matching your
goals to the types of investment options available.

Whether you’re looking to create a steady income stream, grow
your funds or just keep them secure, our qualified advisors can
help. Have a chat to your nearest advisor today.


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Important information about term investments.

Specific account opening criteria and our Terms and Conditions apply. This information relates to Redeemable Share Term Investments. Interest rates are subject to change.