Don’t be a shoulda, woulda, coulda person and let those funds laze around doing nothing for you. You’ve worked hard for your money so check out some options to put it to work for you.

With a term investment, you choose how long you want to lock your money away for, anywhere from one month to three years. During this time, you don’t need to think about it, as your investment automatically earns interest at the rate you have selected for the term you choose. If you’re looking for longer term options offered through our subsidiary, Funds Administration New Zealand visit our Private Wealth pages here.

Please view our Term Investment Terms and Conditions

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Grow your money by locking in interest rates

Grow your money

  • Interest calculated daily
  • No application fees

You're in control

  • Choose 3 - 36 month term
  • Automatic roll over option

Experience the difference

SBS Bank Term Investments come with membership of the building society


Get an idea of how your investment could grow with competitive rates.

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at end of term
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Minimum deposit
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Already an SBS member?

Open Online

You'll need to have

  • 5 - 7 minutes
  • ​At least $1,000 to invest
  • ​An active NZ smartphone
  • ​A valid email address

​You need to be

  • ​At least 18 years old
  • ​Completing the application yourself

​You need to have available

  • Login information for internet banking
  • ​Money to transfer to your new investment

New to SBS Bank?

(Or not registered for Internet Banking)

Open Online

You'll need to have

  • 5 - 10 minutes
  • ​At least $1,000 to invest
  • ​An active NZ smartphone
  • ​A valid email address

​You need to be

  • ​At least 18 years old
  • A New Zealand citizen or permanent resident
  • Opening an account for personal use
  • ​Completing the application yourself

​You need to have available

  • ​Your NZ driver licence or passport
  • ​Your NZ IRD number
  • ​Your proof of address, eg utility bill
  • ​Money to transfer to your new investment

Our rates

Competitive interest rates, fixed for the term. You choose the timeframe.

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Facts & fees

Establishment fee$0Account fee$0
Terms3 months - 36 monthsMinimum deposit$1,000
interest Calculated daily Payment options Monthly or at maturity
early withdrawals You can ask to make an early withdrawal.
Approved early withdrawals within the first 30 days will receive no interest. Approved early withdrawals after 30 days will incur a flat fee of 1.5% per annum of the amount withdrawn, subject to a minimum $25 fee.
notice period No minimum notice period to break the investment


​Is a redeemable share term investment a term deposit or shares?

​As a building society which is also a registered bank, we pride ourselves on being a little bit different. Our Share Term Investment is one of those points of difference, it operates the same as a term deposit, although you purchase redeemable shares in the Bank equal to the amount of money you invest. Redeemable shares are issued for a fixed term and carry the right to a fixed dividend (which is like interest on a term deposit) and are redeemed at the expiry of the fixed term. The redeemable shares also carry membership voting rights at building society meetings. They cannot be traded on the stock exchange like ‘shares’ in a listed company.

​How can I put my money into this term investment?

​If you are already an SBS Bank member you can nominate the SBS account that the deposit is to come from as part of your application. If you are new to SBS Bank we will set up a new bank account as part of your application process. Once you transfer the money into this account we will open your term investment.

​Can I change my maturity instruction?

​Yes, you will have the ability to change your maturity instructions from your internet banking login.

​Can I access my money before the maturity date?

​Plans can change and you might suddenly need access to your savings. It may be possible to end your term investment early, but there are a few conditions to keep in mind. Because you have pledged your money for a fixed period of time, the bank must approve any withdrawal as we match investments with lending on residential homes. We have criteria like hardship to help us prioritise requests. A reduced rate of interest will be applied if you end your investment early.

​Can I add more money to my term investment?

​No, once a term investment is set up you won’t be able to add more money to that investment until it matures. You can set up a new term investment with the additional money. Once your term investment maturies you have a limited time to add funds to the current investment when it is reinvested.

​Are term investments guaranteed?

​SBS Bank does not guarantee term investment balances nor returns not yet paid to you.

I want to open a term investment, but I have not joined the bank yet, what do I need to do?

You can join SBS Bank as part of the online application to open a new term investment. Government legislation for Anti-Money Laundering requires the bank to verify you as part of our the joining process. To complete this stage of the application you will need to download the SBS Verify app to our smartphone from either Google Play or Apple app store. This mobile application will take you through the steps to verify your identity including taking photos using your phone’s camera on your driver’s licence or passport; a selfie photo and a photo of your address identification. You will be instructed during the electronic application when to use the mobile application.

Retrieve application

To continue an application you have previously saved you will need the username and password you saved the application under.

Saved Applications

The legal stuff

Specific account opening criteria, Term Investment Terms and Conditions apply. This information relates to Redeemable Share Term Investments. Interest rates are current as at {{investSession.currentDate | date:'hh:mm a'}}, {{investSession.currentDate | date:'EEEE dd MMMM yyyy​'}} and are subject to change.

^ This calculator is a useful tool to provide you with information about our Term Investments, based on the accuracy of the information entered. Any assumptions used are subject to limitations. The calculations do not take into account changes in your personal circumstances or your tax obligations, or any future changes such as changes to taxation or interest rates, and do not constitute a financial adviser service under the Financial Markets Conduct Act 2013, and are not intended to be relied on for making a decision in relation to a financial product. We recommend that you consider obtaining advice from a financial adviser before making any financial decisions. Please contact SBS Bank on 0800 727 2265 for more information.