Work Out How Much You Could Save


This calculator is designed to help you see how much you could save towards a deposit for your first home.

Enter the total amount you would like to save below e.g. $50,000, and then either the number of weeks you would like to have your deposit ready in to get the amount you would need to save each week, or the amount you would like to save each week to tell you how soon you can have your deposit goal saved.



Savings Target
i.e $5,000
Weekly Savings
i.e $250
How many weeks of saving?
i.e 20





Important Information

This calculator is a guide only and does not provide financial advice. The results are based on the accuracy of the limited information provided and does not take into account interest, applicable fees, taxes (including withholding tax) levies or charges. It also does not take into account your personal circumstances and goals. We recommend that you consider obtaining advice from a financial adviser before making any financial decisions. To talk to a financial adviser at SBS or to find out more information, please call 0800 727 2265.