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  • You might not need a 20% deposit. If you’ve saved more than 5% of your deposit, we might be able to get you into a new home now. We need to talk.  
  • Still saving towards your deposit? Our term investment rates are just as competitive as our home loan rates. They can be a tail wind to help you reach your goals sooner. Show me the rates.  
  • Could your current home’s equity be your deposit? If you have enough equity in your current home, you might not need to sell it to buy a new home. Let’s talk
  • Using KiwiSaver for your deposit. If you’re in the position of a first home buyer and have KiwiSaver, you might be able to use your savings to add to your deposit. Check the latest KiwiSaver rules with the IRD. Let's crack that nest egg.

Fixed interest rate home loans 

You lock in your loan for a fixed time at a fixed interest rate. Your repayments stay the same, so you can budget more easily. At the end of the fixed term, you can choose a new rate and a new term, or switch to a floating rate. 

  • You know exactly how much you’ll be paying for your home loan.  
  • If you lock in a low rate, you could be making good savings if interest rates are rising.  



  • If rates go down, you’ll be left paying your higher fixed amount.  
  • If you choose to break your fixed term interest rate early, you will need to pay a break fee, so it’s best not to lock in a fixed term interest rate if you’re planning on selling soon. 

Floating rate home loans. 

The simple, most flexible option. Your repayments change if interest rates change, and you can make extra payments whenever you like.  


  • You can make lump sum payments on your home loan at any time with no penalty.  
  • When the floating interest rate falls, your repayments do too.  



  • When rates start rising, so do your repayments.  

Flexi Home Loans 

Your home loan works like an overdraft. You pay off a minimum amount each month, and you can also draw on your loan for anything at all, up to your agreed loan limit. It appears in your online banking as a normal account. Flexi Home Loans always use the floating rate.  


  • You have access to a line of credit for renovations and home improvements, and for the unexpected things life throws your way.  
  • By putting your regular pay into your Flexi Home Loan and using it as your everyday account, you can reduce the amount of interest you have to pay.  


  • It takes a bit of discipline to stay on top of your Flexi Home Loan.  
  • An account with a big negative balance can be harder to manage than a normal everyday account.  

Interest-only home loans

Instead of paying off your loan, you only pay the interest. That makes the repayments smaller, so it might be right for the short term. We limit these loans to five years.


  • Reduce your home loan repayments to the lowest possible amount.
  • If your home is increasing in value, your equity will be growing even though you aren’t reducing your loan principal.


  • You won’t be reducing your loan.

Splitting your home loan

You can mix and match our loans to get the best of both worlds. It’s a great way to fine-tune your loan to match your goals and your life. There are all sorts of approaches. Here are two of the most popular.




Two equal fixed home loans renewing at different times.

  • After your initial term you could split your loan into two 12-month fixed terms that renew six months apart. That way you step through interest rate changes gradually, rather than all at once.
  • When rates are going up you reduce the impact on your budget, because you always have one foot in the old, lower rate.
  • When rates are coming down, you can start reducing your repayments sooner.

Split your loan between a small floating home loan and a larger fixed home loan.

  • If you want to pay down your loan faster, you can fix most of your loan (maybe 80%, for example) and leave the rest on floating.
  • You have the flexibility to pay lump sums off your floating loan any time you like, so you can make good progress when you have spare funds.

Setting up your repayments

  • Choose how long you need to repay your home loan.
    You can give yourself up to 30 years, and of course you can pay it off sooner if you want.
  • Match your repayments to your pay day.
    You can set your home loan repayments to be monthly, fortnightly or weekly. More frequent payments could mean you pay thousands less in interest overall.
  • Making extra payments and lump sum payments.
    If you have a floating rate or a Flexi Home Loan, you can make over and above payments on your loan at any time.

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