• Rates are subject to change. Minimum investment $1,000, for redeemable share term investments only. Account criteria and terms apply. Visit sbsbank.co.nz for details.

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    *This rate applies from 1 February 2024 until 29 February 2024 and includes a margin of 2.50% which also applies during the floating rate period. **Subject to SBS Bank’s right to repay on or after the five-year anniversary. There is no right for a holder to redeem before maturity. The issuer of the Bonds is SBS Bank. A copy of the Limited Disclosure Statement is available on request or can be viewed at sbsbank.co.nz

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    Rate is subject to change. Terms and Conditions and fees apply. Visit sbsbank.co.nz/firsthome-combo

Our special interest rates.

Home Loan
per annum
2 years fixed
Term Investment
per annum
6 months fixed
Term Investment
per annum
9 months fixed


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Home loans: Specific lending, account and eligibility criteria and Standard Contract Terms along with Credit Fees and Charges apply.
These rates are only available for Residential Home Loans with at least 20% equity and Residential Investing Lending with at least 35% equity,
or First Home Loans with at least 5% equity. All rates are subject to change.
Term investments: Minimum investment $1,000, maximum investment $5,000,000. Term Investments rates are for Redeemable Share Investments.
All rates are subject to change.

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Ok, we wouldn’t normally say it, but we’re a little bit special. We’ve been operating for over 150 years as a mutual bank. That means our customers are our owners, and they’re 100% on board with us helping people get into homes and save their money.

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The best bank for first home buyers. Again.

Canstar has rated us the best bank for first home buyers for the second year in a row. They found we offered better rates, better support and more innovative approaches to getting first home buyers into their first home. But to be fair, we’ve had over 150 years of practice.


Our customers are our owners.
No surprise we like to keep them happy.


Thank you SBS Bank we were so privileged to work with you and your amazing local
team purchasing our first home. A great lending experience.
– Paris, First Home Buyer