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We’re owned by New Zealanders just like you. So, when you invest with SBS it stays right here, making New Zealanders better off.

This means our profits go straight back into providing you with sharp term investment rates.

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Why invest with SBS Bank?

  • We’ve been investing everyday New Zealanders money for almost 150 years and we lend this out on everyday NZ homes. As a New Zealand registered bank, we hold an investment grade credit rating.
  • We manage over $3 billion of retail deposits for our customers.
  • We are accessible through our New Zealand based Contact Centre and 16 branches across New Zealand.
  • You can manage your investment any time of the day, from anywhere with our Mobile App or Internet Banking.

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Locked in Returns

With an SBS Bank Term Investment your interest rate is locked-in and guaranteed for the term you select up front.


Grow Your Money

  • Interest is calculated daily.
  • No fees.
  • Compound your interest onto your investment.


Flexible and Hassle-free

  • You choose the term you would like to lock your money away for 6 - 36 months.
  • We make it easy for you to manage by offering an automatic roll over option.


You’re in Control

  • You can choose whether your interest is paid quarterly, at maturity or compounded
  • There is no notice period to request a break on your investment (however break fees do apply if an investment is not completed).


Looking out for you

As a member focused bank, our term investments have options to ensure you have the best available interest rates applied to your deposit.

Best Rate Rollover – we automatically re-invest your investment for you by selecting the best available rate and term at the time.

Guaranteed Minimum Rate – If the interest rate changes within 7 days of your investment maturing, we will apply the best rate offered to the market, at that term.

SBS Bank is both a registered bank and a building society, which means you get the security of knowing we are regulated by the Reserve Bank, but also the knowledge that we operate like a co-operative, for the benefit of our members and their communities.

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Rates are subject to change. Available for interest at maturity redeemable shares only. Minimum deposit $5,000, Maximum retail deposit $5,000,000. Specific account opening criteria, terms and conditions apply. A copy of the Southland Building Society (SBS Bank) Term Investment Terms & Conditions are available on request from any branch of SBS Bank or at

A copy of the current Southland Building Society (SBS Bank) Disclosure Statement along with our Term Investment Terms & Conditions and QFE Adviser Disclosure Statement are available on request and free of charge from any branch or agency of SBS Bank or on this website
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