Term investment FAQs.

It’s easy to keep control of your term investment.
You can set up a term investment or update your
maturity instructions in online banking or on our
mobile app. You can even give us a nice old-
fashioned phone call.

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Choosing your reinvestment options.

You can choose what happens when your term investment
Whether you want to reinvest or withdraw, you can do
it all online and on the SBS Bank mobile app.

It’s a simple process, and we’ve shown some step-by-step
instructions below.

We’ll notify you when your term investment is approaching its
maturity date. If you don’t have any instructions in place, and we
don’t hear from you, we’ll automatically reinvest it for you at the
same term’s current rate.

If you hit any snags, just call us on 0800 727 2265.
We’ll be happy to help.

Accessing your funds early.

Term investments have a fixed maturity date, but we know
that situations change.
If you need your money sooner, we may
be able to help. Here’s how it works.

  • You can apply for the return of all or some of your money by calling us on 0800 727 2265.
  • If approved, we’ll transfer your funds back to your account.
  • You earn interest on the full value of your investment up until the date you withdraw your funds.
  • We charge a 1.5% per annum fee on the amount you withdraw on a pro rata basis for the investment period to date. We’ll calculate the fee when you apply for your funds.
  • If you’re only withdrawing some of your funds, you’ll continue earning the original interest rate on your remaining balance, until the end of your term investment.

If you have curly questions, we have straight answers.

If you have a question about our term investments, take a
look at our FAQ page.
We update it regularly with the questions
we’re asked most often.

Step-by step guides are here to help

Managing your investments online could not be easier.
Check out our handy how-to-guides to get started.

You can manage your investments easily through Internet Banking or our Mobile App.

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If you hit any snags, just call us on 0800 727 2265. We’ll be happy to help.

Important information about term investments.

Specific account opening criteria and our Terms and Conditions apply. This information relates to Redeemable Share Term Investments.