A rental property can be great way to build up wealth over time. We are focused on helping residential property investors and offer our home loan interest rate for up to five properties. Our Residential Investing loans provide you with the flexibility and freedom you need for your property investment and a pre-approval to allow you to focus on finding the property that suits your Residential Investment goals. 

A Few Key Facts

  • The maximum term is 30 years with the maximum loan amount being subject to SBS Bank lending criteria and it will also depend on the property’s location, type and valuation.
  • Repayments can be either monthly, fortnightly or weekly
  • A $250 Application Fee and additional credit fees and charges apply.
  • If you want us to keep a hot fixed interest rate for you for a limited time until the date your loan is drawn down you can book it, Terms and Conditions apply. 

Lots of Options

The way you structure your loan will affect the repayments you will make, how often you can make changes and what interest rate you will pay. We can help you figure what’s best for you while we set up your loan.

We offer two types of Term Loans - Principal & Interest or Interest Only. 

  1. Principal & Interest  - This is a standard type of Term Loan, where payments go to both covering the interest charged on the loan and towards the principal borrowed. The longer the term of your loan the less you pay towards the principal with each payment and the more you pay in interest over the life of the loan.
  2. Interest Only - This is a short term option which allows you to only pay the interest charged on your loan. We don’t think this is a good option for long term borrowing so we have limited the maximum term of Interest Only loans to 5 years at which point you would either need to switch to Principal & Interest or repay your loan in full.

Flexi Loans

Our flexi Loan is a home loan that provides you with the control and flexibility to manage your own lifestyle. It allows you to increase or decrease the amount borrowed (within your loan limit).

Fixed, Floating, or a combination of the two?

A fixed interest rate is where you lock in an interest rate for a set term from six months up to five years. This provides certainty around your repayments and protects you from any increases in market interest rates during this fixed term.

A floating interest rate (sometimes also known as a variable interest rate) can be changed by us from time to time, typically in line with market changes. While this means your regular repayments can change, a floating interest rate gives you more flexibility to repay all or some of your loan – which is useful if you are considering selling your residential investment property in the next few years, or want the freedom to make additional repayments without incurring fees for early repayment.

You could also choose to split your loan across a combination of fixed and floating rates, where you might put some on a fixed rate for certainty of budget and keep part on a floating rate so that you can pay lump sums off the loan without incurring fees for early repayment.

You could also consider more than one fixed term so that not all the loan comes off the fixed rate at the same time. This can smooth the effects of interest rate changes.



Whether it’s our member-based banking philosophy or the competitive interest rates that attract you, switching your loan to SBS Bank is simple and hassle-free. One of our banking consultants will help you make the switch. We can make sure that your loan meets your needs and provides you with flexibility for the future.





Important Information

For our current interest rates for Residential Investing Loans please click here. Residential Investing Loan lending and eligibility criteria apply. Lending Standard Contract Terms and Credit Fees and Charges also apply and are also available on request and free of charge, by clicking the above links, from any branch of SBS Bank or by calling us on 0800 727 2265.

The information on this page does not take into account your individual circumstance s and is not personalised financial advice. You should seek financial advice before you make any decision to open an account.