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Our online banking gives you an easier way to manage your money either at home, at work or anywhere. It recognises your device (eg. computer, tablet or mobile phone) and automatically adjusts the screen display, options and navigation buttons. Get around the site as quickly and easily as you need to. Access all of the same features on your tablet or mobile device as you can on your computer without needing to install any additional apps or software. Get everything you need to get done on the go.

Making payments

» Set up and manage your own payees 
» Set up ‘quick payees’ (those you pay most often) and even pay them at the same time 
Set up and manage your own payments 
» View summaries of transactions to specific payees (last 12 months) 
» Make a funds transfer, set up an automatic payment, a bill payment, a one-off payment or regular payment through a single ‘move money’ screen. 
Make quick transfers between the accounts you use most often 

Managing your accounts

» Personalise your accounts with profile icons and nicknames 
View your account balances, summaries and transactions 
Receive notifications for important events on your accounts such as a payment that didn’t go through because your account didn’t have enough funds in it 

Receiving your statements

» You can view and print transactions or statements 
Opt in or out of receiving paper statements for certain accounts 
Receive free text message security alerts eg. password changes, new payee setup etc

online banking security

If your internet banking password is entered incorrectly three times, access to the service will be blocked. This prevents anyone making multiple attempts to guess your password. You can reset your password by calling us on 0800 727 2265. If your internet banking is idle for 10 minutes the system will time-out and you will have to re-enter your information.

For more information view the Security page.

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important information 

View the current Southland Building Society (SBS Bank) Disclosure Statement, our QFE Adviser Disclosure Statementfees and charges, along with copies of our Electronic Banking and General Terms and Conditions

Online banking
A copy of the current Southland Building Society (SBS Bank) Disclosure Statement along with our Term Investment Terms & Conditions and QFE Adviser Disclosure Statement are available on request and free of charge from any branch or agency of SBS Bank or on this website
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