Online Banking FAQs

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Question: When I login I can't see all of my accounts

Any accounts that you have in other names i.e. Trusts, Netball club, children's accounts can be viewed and accessed via the 'Account Manager' tab.

Question: Will I still use my security questions to authorise my payments?

No, we will either send a special authentication code to your mobile phone for you to type in to authorise the payment or, if you do not have a mobile phone and need us to provide you with the special authentication code, you can call our Contact Centre on 0800 727 2265.

Question: Will I need the special authentication code for every payment?

No, you will only need the code for the following activity;

1) You are making a multi-payment (paying several payees at once in a group).

2) You are making a payment to a new payee for the first time.

3) When your total amount of payments has reached $5,000 on a single day (either in one transaction or several, adding up to $5,000). 

4) You will receive a new authentication code for every subsequent payment after you have reached $5,000 of payments in a single day and will need to enter it.

Question: Where do I find out more information about the Mobile Banking app?

View our SBS Bank Mobile Banking app page on this website.

Question: What is my daily limit for all electronic payments?

Your total daily limit for all electronic payments (including telephone banking) is $50,000 NZD.

Question: How do all I view all of the accounts that I manage on behalf of others?

Just click on the "Account Manager" tab at the top of your Internet banking screen and choose which accounts you would like to view or make payments on.

Question: How do I update my personal details?

Just click on the profile icon on the right-hand panel or "Other Services" to view the details we have for you and send us a secure message to make any changes you would like to make to your profile.

Question: How do I delete pending payments?

You need to log into Internet Banking (not the mobile app) and select "Move Money" and then "Pending Payments" to see your scheduled payments. You can delete a payment from here.

Question: What do I do if I lock myself out of Internet Banking?

You can reset your password by going to the login screen and selecting "Forgotten Password."This will send a code to your mobile phone for you to input and you'll be able to access your accounts again.

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