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what is changing?

From 10 July 2019, SBS Bank is making changes to when we process payments you make from your account to other bank accounts or when paying a bill.

These changes affect payments made via SBS Internet Banking, the SBS Mobile Banking App, Telephone Banking or over the counter at an SBS Bank branch. The changes will also affect when you receive money from another bank account. We are also updating our Electronic Banking Terms and Conditions to reflect these changes.

Basically, the changes mean we will process payments on the same day on business days (not weekends or public holidays), as long as they are authorised by the cut-off time. The recipient should receive it on the same day. If your payment isn’t authorised on time, we’ll process it the next business day.

Transfers between SBS accounts are made as soon as they are authorised, including after our cut-off times, weekends and public holidays. 

The changes do not affect the way Direct Debit or Cheque payments are processed or cleared. These changes also do not affect our Account Fees and Charges, although these do continue to apply when relevant.

summary of changes



From July 2019

Key things to consider

Submitting payments

»  Payments authorised on business days before our current cut-off time of 8.30pm are sent to the recipient’s bank overnight. They are processed during the following day and appear in the recipient’s bank account the day after that.

» Inward and outward payments are made throughout the day on business days (intraday processing).

» Payments authorised before 9.30pm on business days will be processed and should appear in the recipient’s bank account the same day.

» Payments authorised on business days after the new cut-off time of 9.30pm will be processed after 9am the following business day and appear in the recipient’s bank account shortly after that.

» Payments authorised on weekends or holidays (after 9.30pm the previous business day) will be processed after 9am on the next business day and appear in the recipient’s bank account shortly after that.


» Payees will receive payments more frequently throughout the day.

» You will need to ensure there are enough funds available at the time of making any payment.

» It is important to ensure that payment details are correct at the time submission

Insufficient funds

» Sufficient funds must be available at the time of payment submission.

» No change.


Payment processing times

» Future-dated payments (automatic payments) are processed on the morning of the due date and are sent to the receiving recipient’s bank overnight.

» Automatic payments are processed early in the morning of the payment due date. If there are insufficient funds to cover the payment, it will be retried later in the day and/or again the following two business days.

» Direct debits are processed at the end of day.

» Future-dated payments should appear in the recipient’s bank account shortly after processing on the same day.

» No change

Direct debits being paid into your account will be visible throughout the day. Direct debits being paid out of your account will continue to be processed at the end of day.

» Amending or deleting future-dated payments is not possible on the day the payment is to be made. 

Credit Card Payments

» Your payments will only be considered made once they’re credited to the card account.

Depending on how you pay, a delay of two business days is normal before your payment is credited to your card account. So, you’ll usually need to arrange for payments to be transferred a few business days before the payment due date to make sure they’re credited in time.

» No change


payment cut-off times

Payment type Cut-off times

Internet Banking/Mobile App payments (such as bill payments)


Amending or deleting future or recurring payments (Internet Banking or App automatic payments)

12am (midnight) on the day of payment

Credit card payment*


Direct credit (payments from other banks into SBS Bank accounts) 



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