goal based saving

accelerate your savings

Setting savings goals and achieving them is a great feeling. At SBS Bank, we have a range of saving options that cover all stages of life. So take a moment to think about your goals, and let's make your money work for you.

incentive saver

The Incentive Saver account is designed to accelerate your savings, while helping manage the temptation to spend. All you have to do is make a monthly deposit and not make any withdrawals within the three month period to earn bonus interest!

» No minimum opening balance

» Interest calculated daily on your total balance

» Bonus interest if you make monthly deposits and don't make any withdrawals within the three month period

» Interest and bonus paid quarterly

» No monthly fees or charges

» To encourage saving, withdrawals are only through a branch or our contact centre

incentive saver rates

Base Rate                     0.15%

Bonus Interest Rate    1.75%

Total                             1.90%

Rates valid at 22 May 2019 and are subject to change 

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Account opening and eligibility criteria, fees and charges, terms and conditions apply. 

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