term investments

grow your money

There are few things in life more rewarding than growing something yourself. At SBS Bank, we have term investment options to help you grow your money. If you’re looking to take the next step with your savings, have some extra cash to invest or you’re looking for interest income – let's get your money growing.

share investment interest at maturity

Rates valid at 17 January 2019

TermRate p.a
6 months3.25%
9 months3.30%
12 months3.40%
18 months3.40%
24 months3.45%
36 months3.50%

Minimum deposit $1,000 – maximum deposit $5,000,000

Have more than $250,000 to invest? Give us a call to discuss specific Term Investment options


share investment specials

Rates valid at 17 January 2019

TermInterest FrequencyRate p.a
6 monthsQuarterly3.20%
9 monthsQuarterly3.25%
12 monthsQuarterly3.35%
18 monthsQuarterly3.35%
24 monthsQuarterly3.40%
36 monthsQuarterly3.45%



term investments, interest paid at maturity

» You choose the term: 6–36 months

» Interest calculated daily

» Minimum deposit $1,000

» Maximum deposit $5,000,000

» Break fee will apply if term is not completed

» No minimum notice period to break the investment

interest paid throughout

» You can choose for interest to be paid fortnightly, monthly or quarterly

» You choose the term: 1–36 months

» Interest calculated daily

» Interest will be paid into your nominated bank account

» Minimum deposit $1,000

» Maximum deposit $250,000

» Break fee will apply if term is not completed

» No minimum notice period to break the investment

guaranteed minimum rate

With the Guaranteed Minimum Rate option, we will quote you a new investment rate for the same term seven days prior to your investment’s maturity. If investment rates decrease before the new investment starts, we will honour the quoted rate. However, if investment rates increase before the new investment starts, we will give you the new higher investment rate. With SBS Bank, the best rate is applied to your investment.

best rate rollover

When you choose our Best Rate Rollover option, we will automatically reinvest your investment for you by selecting the best rate and term available. No need to remember when your investment is maturing; no need to visit a branch or even get in touch. It just happens. 

Best Rate Rollover also helps remove the temptation to take your investment at maturity and spend it on the here and now, instead of sticking with the financial plan and reinvesting for growth. You can register all or some of your term investments for Best Rate Rollover. We will still send you a letter advising the new interest rate and term. If you want a different term or even want to withdraw your investment at that point, you can by letting us know. You can also check balances online at any time. So you are always in control.

you’re in control

You choose how long you want to lock your money away for, anywhere from one month to three years. During this time, you don’t need to think about it, as your investment automatically earns interest at the rate you have selected for the term you choose. Best of all, the temptation to spend that lump sum is reduced. At the end of the period you have the flexibility to either transfer the interest and/or principal to your savings or everyday account or reinvest.

about us

SBS Bank is different. We are both a registered bank and a building society. SBS Bank lends principally in home loans. This allows us to offer Term Investments as either Deposit or Share Term Investments. These are detailed further within our Term Investment Terms and Conditions.

important information

Specific account opening criteria, Term Investment Terms and Conditions apply. This information focuses on redeemable Share Term Investments, it excludes Deposit Term Investments and Subordinated Redeemable Share Investments, such as the SBS Bank Premier Bond. Rates are subject to change. 


A copy of the current Southland Building Society (SBS Bank) Disclosure Statement along with our Term Investment Terms & Conditions and QFE Adviser Disclosure Statement are available on request and free of charge from any branch or agency of SBS Bank or on this website
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