About Us


FANZ Private Wealth is an operating division of Funds Administration New Zealand, the funds management subsidiary of SBS Bank. SBS Bank has been looking after New Zealanders and their money since 1869, and was registered as a bank in 2008. Neither Funds Administration New Zealand or FANZ Private Wealth is a registered bank. With an historical home base in Southland, SBS Bank has a presence on both Islands and is proud to be kiwi with a solid history.

FANZ Private Wealth was set up as a specialist investment service in 2002. We wanted to make sure everything we did best served our Members and their investments.

Staples Rodway Asset Management
SRAM was the investment division of the accounting firm Staples Rodway. In 2015 FANZ purchased a 50% shareholding in SRAM, and subsequently purchased the remaining 50% in 2018. The operations of SRAM and FANZ were combined in 2018 with the entities looking to be formally amalgamated.

Since its creation, FANZ Private Wealth has been firing all cylinders and now manages over $1 billion on behalf of 19,000 New Zealanders.



Annual returns are like wine vintages. Looking good in a favourable year is relatively easy, but who can perform best when conditions are tough?

Everyone must start their journey somewhere.

But advice and structure can greatly add to wealth potential over time.



FANZ Private Wealth Financial Advisers are professionals.

Where it gets a little complicated is in working out how to get you to the place you want to be financially. There is no one-size-fits-all template. Every investor brings a unique set of circumstances.

A holistic view about your wealth (taking into account both financial and non-financial considerations), combined with FANZ’s structured planning and financial markets knowledge allows FANZ Private Wealth Financial Advisers to tailor their advice to you.

Some investors haven’t given a lot of thought to their financial goals, and that’s fine. No matter where you begin, the main thing is for you to start on a pathway that leads you to financial growth and freedom.


Who do we work with

  • Individuals
  • Families and Trusts including managing intergenerational wealth
  • Charities
  • Companies
  • Not for profit organisations

The FANZ Private Wealth team

Northland Auckland Waikato Bay Of Plenty Central Taranaki Hawkes Bay East Coast Marlborough West Coast Nelson Canterbury Southland Otago Wellington


Auckland and Hamilton

Hayden Mulholland


Ricky Harper

Waikato and Bay of Plenty

Del Smith


Kara Northcott

Wellington & Hawkes Bay

Christine Hughes


Kelly McNamara

Tasman and Marlborough

Martin Lubransky

Digital Advisers

Grant Watson

Llivia Puig

Dunedin, Cromwell and Timaru

Richard Devereux


Monique Morton

Jordan Saville

Leadership Team

Michelle Forster

A disclosure statement is available from your FANZ Private Wealth adviser on request and free of charge.