PIE managed funds

tax efficient investment

As your savings accumulate, it’s important to take the opportunity to diversify and grow your wealth. Invest in a managed Portfolio Investment Entity (PIE) to take advantage of PIE tax benefits and you may receive better after-tax returns.

how PIE works

PIE investments are taxed at a top prescribed investor rate (PIR) of 28%. Because of the tax benefit your effective PIE investment return will be higher than the equivalent return of a non-PIE investment if you’re on a high tax rate. For example, for someone normally paying 33% RWT a 4.00% pa PIE return is actually worth 4.30% pa after the tax benefit.

lifestages deposit PIE funds

The Lifestages Deposit Portfolio offers a series of investments that invest in bank On-call and Term Deposits offering competitive rates of return. They are taxed as Portfolio Investment Entity (“PIE”) funds which means that the income you earn is taxed as a final tax.  Funds Administration New Zealand Limited (FANZ), a subsidiary of SBS Bank, is the manager and provider of the Lifestages Deposit Portfolio.  The Lifestages Deposit Portfolio offers two options: On-call Units and Term Units.

on-call units

» The top tax rate is only 28%

» Access your money when you need to

» Interest paid quarterly

» There are no management fees

» Minimum deposit of only $5,000

» Choose a lump sum and/or make regular contributions to the fund

term units

» The top tax rate is only 28%

» A fixed rate of return

» Interest is paid at maturity

» There are no management fees

» The minimum deposit is $10,000

» An early exit fee applies


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important information

You should carefully consider whether the investment options referred to here are appropriate for you and read the Information Memorandum before making any investment decision. Financial advice can be obtained through a Funds Administration New Zealand Limited (FANZ) Authorised Financial Adviser. A disclosure statement for each FANZ Authorised Financial Adviser is available, on request and free of charge. FANZ, a subsidiary of Southland Building Society (SBS Bank), is the manager and provider of the Lifestages Deposit Portfolio, and Trustees Executors Limited (TEL) is the Supervisor of the Lifestages Deposit Portfolio.The capital value, performance, principal, and returns of the Lifestages Deposit Portfolio are not guaranteed or secured in any way (either partially or fully) by FANZ, SBS Bank (or any other entity within the SBS Bank group), TEL, or any other person. Investments in the Lifestages Deposit Portfolio do not represent deposits or other liabilities of FANZ or its parent SBS Bank and are subject to investment risk, including possible delays in repayment and loss of income and principal invested.A copy of the Information Memorandum is available at www.lifestages.co.nz, from a FANZ authorised financial adviser, or any SBS Bank branch. Investors should be aware that the future performance of the Deposit Portfolio may differ from historic performance, and that the investment objectives and strategies of the Lifestages Desposit Portfolio may change in the future.The information here is general in nature and is subject to change. In particular, the information relating to the Lifestages Deposit Portfolio is based on tax laws in place at the date of publication. These laws and their application is subject to change, which could affect the operation of the Lifestages Deposit Portfolio or your investment in that Portfolio.


PIE funds management
A copy of the current Southland Building Society (SBS Bank) Disclosure Statement along with our Term Investment Terms & Conditions and QFE Adviser Disclosure Statement are available on request and free of charge from any branch or agency of SBS Bank or on this website
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