As of 25 June 2021, SBS Bank no longer provides a cheque service - please see useful information below on other ways to pay. 

What do I need to do? 

If you usually write or receive cheques, you will need to arrange alternative payment methods. The transition may take some time to get used to, so it’s worth looking at your options as soon as possible so we can help you through the change. 

Other Ways to Pay 

Online banking

Whether you choose to use Internet Banking or our Mobile Banking app, you can manage your money anytime 24/7 from anywhere in the world. You can pay your bills faster, set up and amend upcoming payment & access your Transaction history at your convenience.


Whether you need a card for online purchases, access to your money while travelling overseas or simply for everyday EFTPOS transactions, we offer a variety of cards to suit your needs. Click below to find out more. 


You can check your account balance and withdraw money from your SBS card at any ATM in  New Zealand. We won’t charge you a fee to use any ATM however account fees and charges may apply so it’s worth checking. 

Direct Debits 

Direct debits are payments that you set up with an organisation for payments such as rates or electricity. The payment amount may be different every time or can be for a set amount.  You give the organisation authority to take payments from your account. To set up or cancel direct debits you will need to contact the organisation you are wishing to pay directly. Fees and charges may apply.

Automatic payments 

Automatic payments are regular payments and they are always for the same amount every time. These are made to another party, such as rent or subscriptions. Automatic payments can also be set up for regular transfers between your own accounts such as payments to your savings accounts. You can set up automatic payments through internet banking, download and print an automatic payment authority form from our website, visit your local branch or contact us on 0800 727 2265. A $1 Staff assisted fee and our Fees and charges may apply.

Telephone banking

Our telephone banking services offers a wide range of payment options from the comfort of  your home or on the go, it’s available 24/7 and free of charge. You can check balances,  transfer money, make payments and more.

In branch or contact us

We offer a variety of payment services through our branch and Contact Centre. You can send us an email at, call us on 0800 727 2265 or find your local branch. Fees and Charges may apply, so have a chat to our team to discuss your options and check what the costs may be before deciding on the right fit for you.

Digital help

If you would like help from one of our friendly branch team members, please call into your nearest branch or call our Contact Centre team who will be able to assist you over the phone with our online banking and mobile app guides. Our Contact Centre is open from 7am – 9pm on weekdays and from 10am – 4pm at weekends. If you would like to visit a branch and are unable to attend our weekly digital classes please call us to book an appointment at a time that suits you.

General FAQs 

What happens with any cheques I’ve written if they are deposited at any bank after 25 June 2021?

Any SBS cheques will be dishonoured after 25 June 2021, The person presenting your cheque will likely ask for another form of payment. 

What if I receive a cheque after 25 June 2021 and need to deposit it?

Unfortunately, we will no longer accept any cheque deposits after 25 June 2021. If you receive a cheque, you’ll need to contact the person who gave it to you and ask them to pay another way. 

What if I have an SBS Star Non-For-Profit Account?

Please visit our dedicated page for SBS Star Account holders on other ways to bank located here.

Can I still order a new cheque book?

We will no longer order new cheque books from 26 March 2021. Now is a good time to start transitioning to alternative payment methods. Please contact us to discuss your options.

What if my account needs more than one signature?

There are alternative methods that don’t involve using cheques like internet banking, which allows payments to be made following approval from a second signatory – however, the best solution for you depends needs. Please call us on 0800 727 2265 or visit your local branch to discuss your options.

- If you have an SBS Star account please click here to find out more information.

If I visit a branch will staff process payments on my behalf?

Yes, processing payments on behalf of our members is a service we continue to offer however a fee may apply. We also have faster and more convenient payment methods that we can talk to you about.

I’m a person who gets paid by cheque regularly –what’s the easiest alternative?

To receive a payment as an individual the easiest option is usually to provide your account number to the person paying you so they can pay you via internet banking or they can arrange to set up a payment with their bank. 

We’re a charitable organisation that receives donations by cheque. What options do we have?

We understand that charities in New Zealand still receive a significant number of cheques from donors. With the banking and payments industries moving away from cheques, this will no longer be an option. However, many of the larger charities use online fundraising platforms to receive payments so this may be an option for your charity.

How do I get set up for Online Banking?

To get set up for Online banking contact us on 0800 727 2265 or visit your local branch our friendly staff will be able to help.

I have limited or no access to the internet.

If you don’t have access to the internet you can still pay bills and set up automatic payments via our Telephone Banking service on or by talking to someone in our Contact Centre on 0800 727 2265

Alternatively, all of our SBS branches have free WiFi and our friendly branch staff will be able to assist you. 

I am concerned about using internet banking - how do I stay safe when making online payments?

When you’re with SBS, you’re placing your trust in us so together we keep your money and your details safe. That’s a partnership we take very seriously. 

If your internet banking password is entered incorrectly three times, access to the service will be  blocked. This prevents anyone making multiple attempts to guess your password. You can reset your  password by following the forgotten password link on the login screen or by calling us on 0800 727  2265. If your internet banking is idle for 10 minutes the system will time-out and you will have to re enter your information. 

To keep yourself safe online, please remember the following: 

  • Never give your card PIN number or online banking username and password to anyone
  • Don’t let anyone else use your card 
  • Don’t write down your PIN number 
  • Check your account balances regularly 
  • Notify your bank immediately if you have lost your card or disclosed your PIN number You can find some more helpful tips here

You may wish to explore providing authority to another person to bank on your behalf. This may be adding an additional signatory to your account or exploring other legal options with your solicitor, such as a Power of Attorney. Have a chat to our team about whether providing this access is right for your situation and what we require to set this up for you.

Can I still deposit cheques received from overseas?

Yes, we will still accept foreign cheque deposits. The fastest way to receive overseas payments is electronically. Foreign cheques will take at least 30 days to clear and additional fees and charges can apply. 

I use Bank Cheques for quickly making large deposits or payments – what can I do instead?

Internet or phone banking transactions can be processed within the same business day offering a quicker and cheaper alternative to Bank Cheques but a daily $50,000 limit applies. You can also call us on 0800 727 2265 and we can make the payment on your behalf, but fees may apply for staff assisted services.